Selected Work

Feature Writing

Journey to the Heart of New Arizona Cuisine (PNT, 2018)**

A Master and a Rising Star: Pizza Peaks in the Valley (PNT, 2019)*

Finding Puffy, Craggy, Deep-Rooted Fry Bread (PNT, 2018)

Brewing a Wild Ale Overnight in the Wilderness (PNT, 2019)

Silvana Dreams of BBQ (PNT, 2017)

Sonoran Arcana (2019 PNT cOlumn)

January: Foraging Wild Food in the Paved Streets of Old Town

February: Two Foragers, One Sake Savant, and a Dream of Miso

March: Dates Are the Syrupy Dark Horse of Arizona Agriculture

April: Brewing a Wild Ale Overnight in the Wilderness

Smoke Rings (2017-2018 PNT column)

Silvana Dreams of BBQ: Part 1 and Part 2

“I Got the Best Pulled Pork in the Country”

Crafting BBQ in a Century-Old Orange Grove


Mountain Sky Farms (PNT, 2019)

The Master and the Mutz (Saveur, 2016)

Chollie’s Hamburgers (The Boston Globe, 2013)


Brewing a Wild Ale in the Wilderness (PNT, 2019)

Cider Corps Pours Wildly Inventive Pints (PNT, 2018)

Mezcal Artisan Beings U.S. Distribution… (PNT, 2018)

Amaro and Amore (Serious Eats, 2016)

For Goodness’ Sake (Rhapsody, 2018)

Restaurant Reviews

You Can Eat a Dinner in Phoenix for $364. Should You? (PNT, 2018)*

13 Ways of Looking at a Vegetable (PNT, 2018)

Fellow Osteria (PNT, 2019)

Eat at Hush Public House ASAP (PNT, 2019)


Local Takes: Phoenix (American Way, 2018)*

I Tried Making Pesto 3 Ways — the Best was the Most Basic (Real Simple, 2019)

Raffetto's Is Your Century-Old Destination for Fresh Pasta (Serious Eats, 2013)

An Ode to Aguachile: the Ultimate Hot Weather Food (PNT, 2019)

Where Our Food Critic Goes for Italian Food (PNT, 2019)

Meatball salad

Meatball Salad: An American Tragedy (PNT, 2017)

*Cover Story

**Cover Story and nominated for an AFJ Award for feature writing