My name is Chris Malloy, and I'm a writer. After living in the Philly area and then Hoboken, New Jersey for most of my life, I moved to the American Southwest in 2017. These days, I'm food editor at the Phoenix New Times.

My thing is that I aim to tell stories in cool ways. I want my writing to disappear. for you to dissolve into the story and forget you're reading. I want you to feel speed and sweat and sunburn. This takes more time on the research and reporting end. But this makes things fun. 

I don't want to be an armchair writer who lives behind the blue glow of a computer screen. I want to get out into the world so I can live stories and drop you into them.

A few things about me before we get to the good stuff. Much of my writing is about food. I have a master's in Food Studies and a law degree. I'm into a wide range of topics and hope to expand my past narrow focus. I've lived for two summers in Italy--one chasing a girl, and another working on farms and vineyards.

You'll find some of my stories under the "work" tab. I'm hoping to share writing-related highlights in the "blog" section. If you want to connect, please reach out.

Chris Malloy

E-mail: Chrisamalloy[at]gmail.com