My name is Chris, and I'm a writer from the Philly area. These days, I’m the food critic at Phoenix New Times and take on a range of other writing projects. I have written about pre-dawn foraging in the Rocky Mountains and a summer I spent chasing a girl up and down Italy, about experimental Mexican barbecue and an old future city.

My goal is to tell narrative stories using deep reporting and novel techniques. Writing from across borders and time shapes my work.

In 2019, I’m focused on two major projects (for now): writing restaurant reviews for New Times (most go beyond food) and a column called Sonoran Arcana, a series of monthly forays into the arid wilds and culinary unknown to spotlight the people pioneering New Arizonan cuisine (outlined here).

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy reading.

You can reach me at chrisamalloy[at]gmail.com.