Smoke Rings


Smoke Rings was a yearlong dive into Phoenix barbecue. The award-winning series had plenty of great characters and smoked meat. Below: three charred, barked, sauce-stained samples.


Silvana Dreams of bbq

I reported on an experimental barbecue session that bridged Mexican and American styles. A pioneering Mexican chef, Silvana Salcido Esparza, led the way.

(Update: she crossed the U.S. doing bbq research. We did a part two.)


Brisket and culinary evolution in an old Orange Grove

What is barbecue? What is Arizona barbecue? Why is barbecue different from place to place? Where do the boundaries between cuisines stand?


“I got the best pulled pork in the country.”

“Lewis ate rib tips in his sharecropping days. Throwaway cuts like rib tips were tossed to poorer folks like him. Through barbecue, through the alchemy of smoke and fire, talented cooks made tough meats melt.”